Brain Cancer Biobanking Australia (BCBA) is a virtual biobank hub established to provide researchers easy access to the amount, quality and type of tissue and associated data they need to accelerate both paediatric and adult translational brain cancer research.

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  • Providing patient-derived brain cancer cell lines to researchers around the world

    October 2021

    Transitioning from clinical nutritionist to pre-clinical researcher, BCBA Steering Committee member, Prof Bryan Day, has not only gained national and international recognition for the brain cancer research program he has established at QIMR Berghofer’s Sid Faithfull Brain Cancer Research Laboratory, but also for the much sought-after GBM cell lines the lab is generating.

    “These models are freely available to the scientific community” says Prof Day. “We want to make sure that brain cancer researchers have access to these materials to ignite discoveries and get new treatments for this disease”.

    Prof Day and his team have been collaborating with the neurosurgeons at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital to develop a brain tumour tissue bank, collecting over 350 samples to date. It is from these specimens that the primary cell lines are derived to facilitate both their own research and that of collaborating researchers around the world.

    “This work is a testament to the critical importance of biobanking in enabling next generation brain cancer research”, says BCBA’s Founder/Director Robyn Leonard.



  • COGNO Annual Scientific Meeting (Virtual)

    October 2021

    Brain Cancer 2021: Concepts to Cure is the theme of the 13th Cooperative Trials Group for Neuro-Oncology (COGNO) Annual Scientific Meeting. The event will be held virtually between Sunday 24th October and Tuesday 26th October 2021.

    For more information, please visit the official website.

  • The Alfred Brain Ball - Melbourne

    February 2022

    This black tie event is being organised by the Alfred Brain Tumour Bio-databank and Central Clinical School at Monash University to raise funds for their biobanking and research operations. The ball is scheduled for Saturday 5th February 2022. Tickets are available at $250 per person.

    If you are interested please contact Ms. Emily Galea on E.Galea@alfred.org.au or (03) 9076 5879.