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    May 2024

    This month we go grey to raise awareness and funds for brain cancer.

    The devastating legacy of brain cancer never leaves those it touches.
    - Brain cancer kills more children than any other disease
    - Brain cancer kills more adults under 40 than any other cancer
    - Brain cancer is extremely difficult to access and virtually impossible to completely remove
    - There is not enough tumour tissue available for research
    - We don’t have big data to drive research and standardise patient care
    - There has been no major breakthrough in over 40 years

    Our mission is to change this.

    So please help us promote awareness by sharing our post, creating a fundraiser on our charity website, or simply make a donation |

    Together we can change the future for brain cancer patients and their families.

  • Consortium Member Spotlight: Professor Claire Vajdic

    April 2024

    Cancer epidemiologist, big data specialist and BCBA Steering Committee Member, Prof Claire Vajdic, leads a research program at the Kirby Institute, UNSW, using large-scale health data to drive best practice health care and reduce unwarranted variation in the delivery of care for people with cancer.

    Her current focus is streamlining researcher access to nationally significant datasets – the ‘big data’ needed to transform the way we treat diseases like brain cancer.

    Professor Vajdic became interested in brain cancer research following the death of a young friend from the disease.

    ‘I was drawn to study this heartbreaking cancer because we understand so little about its natural history.’

    Her love of numbers and data, combined with an interest in maximizing the use of datasets for public good, has made epidemiology and biostatistics the perfect career choice.

    ‘As soon as I discovered public health research, there was no looking back.’

    Inspired by the dedication and commitment of everyone working in brain cancer research, Prof Vajdic has been a member of the BCBA Steering Committee since the national consortium was established in 2015.

    ‘We’re very fortunate to have been able to call on Claire’s expertise these past 9 years’, says BCBA Founder/Director Robyn Leonard, ‘Her knowledge of big data in Australian health research has been integral to the development of our Australian Brain Cancer Registry project’.

  • New Roles for BCBA Chair, Professor Lindy Jeffree

    March 2024

    Warm congratulations to Professor Lindy Jeffree, on her new position as Director of Neurosurgery at Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital and her Professorship in the Department of Surgery at Monash University.

    In addition to her new roles and leadership of BCBA, Prof Jeffree is the Principal Investigator on a recently awarded MRFF grant and Chairs the Australian Brain Registry Working Group. Commenting on her relocation from Brisbane to Melbourne, Prof Jeffree said,

    "It’s a big change, but I’m really excited to be joining the team at Alfred Brain and also working with local clinicians on collecting Victorian data for the Australian Brain Cancer Registry”.

    Stay tuned for updates as Prof Jeffree continues to steer BCBA's efforts in advancing brain cancer research and optimising brain cancer patient care.

  • A Rare Opportunity for Australian Biobankers

    February 2024

    The International Society for Biobanking and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) is a global biobanking organisation, established to address scientific, technical, legal, and ethical issues for biobanks and biorepositories.

    The annual ISBER meeting is the world’s largest biobanking forum, and in 2024 this premier event will be held in Melbourne (April 9– 12), offering Australian biobankers a rare opportunity to interact on home soil with colleagues from across the globe.

    Titled ‘Dreaming Beyond Barriers: The Future of Biobanking’, the meeting will reflect and celebrate the impact of the biobanking community, it’s innovation and resilience in overcoming barriers, and its shared dreams for the future.

  • It’s Time!

    January 2024

    The new year is here and now it’s time to get on your bike and commit to something good for your health and for others. 

    Sign up here for the 2024 Bike Ride for Brain Cancer before the end of January and use the coupon code below to receive a $50 discount.

    This is the last discount we will be sharing before the 2024 Bike Ride begins, so don’t miss out!

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    Help us change the future for brain cancer patients and their families!

  • Season Greetings

    December 2023

    As we come to the close of 2023, we wanted to reflect for a moment on the momentous milestones we have achieved this year on our road to a cure for brain cancer.

    Our consortium is stronger than ever, we have vital projects underway with Government funding and a host of incredible partners to ensure these succeed. Our unique projects are building the national platforms this country needs to benefit the entire brain cancer research community and ultimately all brain cancer patients across Australia.

    Wishing you all the best for a safe and happy holiday season.

  • The Australian Brain Cancer Registry - Delivering The Big Data We Need In Brain Cancer

    December 2023

    We are delighted to announce a major milestone has been achieved in establishing the Australian Brain Cancer Registry (ABCR). The team led by Brain Cancer Biobanking Australia (BCBA) Chair, A/Prof Lindy Jeffree, in collaboration with Cancer Alliance Queensland and the CSIRO’s eHealth Research Centre, has successfully developed the framework, tested the automated system, collected retrospective patient data in Queensland, and published the first report for the ABCR:

    “This collated data establishes a benchmark for the management of brain cancer in Queensland – and is an important first step in the national roll out of this critical piece of research infrastructure” – A/Prof Lindy Jeffree  

    The ABCR is the priority project in the BCBA coordinated, national initiative to develop an integrated network of research platforms to advance Australia’s capacity for brain cancer research and patient care. This is an ambitious undertaking supported by a $6million Medical Research Future Fund grant, involving 48 investigators; 13 partner organisations and 10 supporting specialist and consumer groups.

  • ABC Radio Sydney - Andrew Olle Media Lecture

    November 2023

    Thank you to ABC Radio Sydney. BCBA’s charity arm, the Brain Cancer Collective is privileged and grateful to be the ongoing charity partner for the Andrew Olle Media Lecture. This prestigious event is held annually to honour the iconic ABC broadcaster, Andrew Olle, who lost his life to brain cancer.

    This year the lecture, which focusses on the role and future of the media, was delivered by well-known and respected journalist, Leigh Sales. BCC Founding Director, Robyn Leonard, was fortunate to briefly share the stage to raise awareness and much needed funds for the vital work of BCBA’s national consortium of clinicians and researchers.

  • Registrations Now Open

    October 2023

    Join the 2024 Bike Ride for Brain Cancer to help change the future for brain cancer patients and their families.

    The Ride is the annual fundraising event for our charity arm – the Brain Cancer Collective.

    REGISTER NOW and save $100 with the early bird special!

  • Australian Brain Cancer Registry Platform

    September 2023

    Our Consortium is driving a national collaboration to develop an integrated network of platforms across research, registry trials and patient care to accelerate brain cancer research.

    Platform one is the Australian Brain Cancer Registry, which will systematically collect the treatment and outcome data of as many Australians living with brain cancer as possible. This will give clinicians and healthcare providers the big data they need to identify variations in patient care and ensure that brain cancer patients across Australia receive the best available treatment and care.

    This is just our first step in enabling improvements in patient outcomes today, testing new treatments for tomorrow, and finding cures for the future.

    Learn more about our collaboration here |

  • Repurposing Existing Drugs to treat Brain Cancer

    August 2023

    BCBA Consortium Member, Stuart Pitson is excited by the potential of repurposing existing drugs to treat glioblastoma. The NeuroSurgical Research Foundation Professor of Brain Tumour Research at the University of South Australia has a strong focus on using fundamental biology to develop and evaluate new therapeutic approaches,

    “We hope to be able to capitalise on our newly discovered knowledge of brain tumour biology, patient tumour samples and our advanced pre-clinical models to evaluate new approaches to treat glioblastoma”.

    The pre-clinical models of glioblastoma Pitson developed have already contributed to the establishment of two clinical trials of new therapies.

    “I will never get tired of the excitement of discovering something that has never been discovered before”.

  • Ross Bowles - Inspirational Brain Cancer Advocate!

    July 2023

    This year Ross Bowles celebrates 10 years living with brain cancer, so we wanted to take this moment to acknowledge all he does for our charity and the brain cancer cause.

    One of the big challenges in raising awareness and funds for brain cancer is the lack of advocates - many of the people who would normally become champions for the cause lose their battle with the disease before they get the chance.

    That’s why Ross is special and we are blessed to have him in our network. Ross has made the Bike Ride for Brain Cancer his own. He’s been amongst our highest fundraisers every year, raising over $80,000 across the life of the event. Ross not only puts in the kms on the bike to raise funds, but he is tireless in his efforts to raise awareness, telling his story to highlight the difficulties facing individuals and their families living with brain cancer.

    Thank you Ross, congratulations on this milestone - you are an inspiration to many facing similar challenges!

  • 2023 Bike Ride for Brain Cancer raises over $180,000!

    June 2023

    Last month 37 riders took to the road in 2023 Bike Ride for Brain Cancer to raise money for BCBA. Hosted by our charity arm, the Brain Cancer Collective, the Ride is held over 2 days, covering over 250kms from Barker College in Sydney to Calais Estate Winery in the Hunter Valley.

    Since starting out in 2018, the event has gathered a loyal following of riders who are closely connected to the brain cancer cause. We are very grateful for their commitment and support – not only to raising funds for our consortium, but also awareness of our mission to change the future for brain cancer patients.

    As we enter the last month of the financial year, please help us raise more awareness and funds by encouraging your network to make a tax deductible donation.

  • May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month

    May 2023

    There is no better time to raise awareness and vital funds to help change the statistics around brain cancer.

    - Brain Cancer kills more children than any other disease.
    - Brain Cancer kills more people under 40 than any other cancer.

    There have been no major breakthroughs in brain cancer in over 40 years and yet other cancers have improved their prognosis! It’s time we made the same breakthroughs in brain cancer treatments and changed the outcomes for those diagnosed with this terrible disease.

    The Brain Cancer Collective – our charity arm – will be holding its flagship fundraising event the Bike Ride for Brain Cancer this month on 5th-6th May – a 2 day ride from Hornsby to the Hunter Valley to raise the vital funds we need to continue our important work.

    Please help us spread the word and raise funds this month.

    Personal fundraising events can be set up on our website
    Or Donate to the Bike Ride for Brain Cancer event

  • BCBA Consortium Member Steps Up

    April 2023

    We are delighted to welcome Michelle Burke as the latest member of the BCBA Steering Committee. Michelle is a highly recognised adviser to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and a strong advocate for patient access to new therapies. She is currently the industry nominated member on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee and a non-executive director on health-related boards. Michelle also represented the industry on the inaugural Australian Brain Cancer Mission Strategic Advisory Group – a role that has given her considerable insight into the challenges facing both patients and researchers in the world of brain cancer.

    ‘I am extremely honoured to join such an eminent and passionate group on the BCBA Steering Committee. There is much to do to improve well-being for those facing brain cancer, and through BCBA I am looking forward to contributing to that goal.’ – Michelle Burke

  • Huge Boost for Australian Brain Cancer Research!

    March 2023

    We are thrilled to share the news that Brain Cancer Biobanking Australia and a large team of clinicians, researchers and healthcare specialists from across the country have been awarded a $6 million MRFF grant to advance Australia’s capability for brain cancer research and patient care.

    “The significance of this grant cannot be overstated. These funds will enable our national team to establish an integrated network of research platforms that will not just be an Australian-first, but a world-first in brain cancer.” - BCBA Chair and Project Lead, Associate Professor Lindy Jeffree

    Thank you to all our collaborators and partners. We can’t wait to work with you on this important national initiative and develop the research infrastructure Australia needs to transform the lives of people diagnosed with brain cancer. Read more here.

  • Bike Ride for Brain Cancer - Shining the Spotlight on Andrew Boak

    February 2023

    Andrew Boak is Chief Economist (Aust/NZ) at Goldman Sachs and a Director on the Board of our charity arm, the Brain Cancer Collective. 

    Andrew was also a school friend of Lucie Leonard - the inspiration behind Brain Cancer Biobanking Australia - who was only 34 when she lost her seven-year battle with brain cancer in 2012. In May, he will be joining many others on the road to a cure in the 2023 Bike Ride for Brain Cancer – his 5th ride to date.

    “Sadly, we’ve all likely been touched by cancer in some way. This ride is such a wonderful way to remember Lucie, support those suffering today, and accelerate progress to a cure.” – Andrew Boak.

    We hope that everyone will get behind Andrew and sponsor to his fundraising effort for BCBA.

    Or better still, join him and the amazing camaraderie on the road - sign up to ride!

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  • Bike Ride for Brain Cancer

    10th - 11th May 2024

    Join the 2024 Bike Ride for Brain Cancer to help change the future for brain cancer patients and their families. The Ride is the annual fundraising event for our charity arm – the Brain Cancer Collective.