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  • 2020 Bike Ride for Brain Cancer – Super Early Bird Rates!

    September 2019

    BCBA’s fundraising arm, the Brain Cancer Collective, will hold the annual 2 day 240km Bike Ride for Brain Cancer on 3rd and 4th April in 2020. The boutique ride takes a scenic route from Sydney to the Hunter Valley and finishes with a long lunch in the beautiful grounds of Calais Estate Winery. We hope that you will join us on the road and support our efforts to advance brain cancer research.

    Register your interest by mid September and receive our super early bird rate.


  • MHF Brain Bank Fulfilling the Wishes of Brain Cancer Patients

    August 2019

    The team at the Mark Hughes Foundation (MHF) Brain Bank, located at the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI), have responded to brain cancer patients wishing to donate their brains for research by establishing Australia’s first rapid post-mortem adult brain cancer biobank. The precious tumour tissue, collected within 12hrs after death, has the potential to provide researchers with a better understanding of the evolution of brain cancer - how these deadly tumours are able to adapt and evade all current treatments.

    For more information click here

  • Funding Boost for BCBA National Clinical Registry Project

    July 2019

    BCBA is delighted to have been selected as one of the 32 successful grant recipients in the recent Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) call for applications under their 'Transformative data' program. The $50,000 grant will support BCBA's multi-disciplinary working group, under the leadership of A/Prof Lindy Jeffree (pictured), to advance the National Paediatric & Adult Brain Cancer Clinical Registry Project.

    The proposed registry will capture data that will not only provide an understanding of brain cancer incidence, treatment patterns and outcomes across Australia, but also assist researchers with clinical information and facilitate registry clinical trials.

  • Examining the Development of Mouse Models for Paediatric Brain Cancer

    June 2019

    BCBA member biobank, Children’s Cancer Centre Tissue Bank in Melbourne, was involved in a multi-centre study using patient derived tissue samples to examine the development of laboratory and mouse models for diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) - a high grade glioma in children. These models mimic the characteristics of the original tumour making them valuable tools for research. This study provides further insight into the factors underlying the successful creation of DIPG tumour models - the sadly lacking but much-needed vehicles to facilitate research into new treatments for this aggressive paediatric brain tumour.

    “We are proud to be part of collaborations such as this where tissue samples from biobanks around the world are pooled to get the significant number of samples needed to undertake this important research” said Dr Louise Ludlow, Children’s Cancer Centre Tissue Bank Manager.

    Read the abstract

  • BCBA’s Virtual Network is Expanding

    May 2019

    Following the establishment of a Brain Tumour Collaborative Working Group at Monash University, the Monash Children’s Cancer Biobank has become part of the BCBA network and we are looking forward to welcoming all brain tumour biobanks at the Monash Medical Centre and Alfred Hospital to our network as they begin their operations.

    Collaboration is key to advancing brain cancer research and BCBA would like to thank Prof Terry O’Brien, Chair of the Monash University Brain Tumour Collaborative Working Group, for leading this exciting initiative.

  • Thank you to the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation

    April 2019

    BCBA has been generously supported by a $25,000 grant from the Robert Connor Dawes (RCD) Foundation to support its operations.

    This is the third year we have received this generous contribution and we are grateful for the continued support of the RCD Foundation, which honours the memory of Robert Connor Dawes, who lost his life to ependymoma at the age of 18.  

    Read more about the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation

  • BCBA’s Bike Ride for Brain Cancer a Fundraising Success

    March 2019

    BCBA has once again been supported by an incredible community of riders, sponsors and donors getting behind its two-day bike riding event. This year 48 riders took on the 240km challenge, raising $185,000 (and counting!) to support BCBA in advancing brain cancer research.

    The 2019 event also featured a finishing line long luncheon at Calais Estate Winery, welcome relief for riders who endured 41 degree heat on their 100km final day journey.

    A big thank you to all who contributed to the success of the event and ultimately supporting BCBA on the road to a cure.


  • Neurosurgeons take on the Bike Ride for Brain Cancer

    February 2019

    BCBA is proud to welcome three neurosurgeons to our 240km Bike Ride for Brain Cancer next month. Our BCBA Chair, Professor Michael Besser,  will be joined by his former senior registrar and current neurosurgical director of Gammaknife Surgery at Macquarie, Dr John Fuller and Professor Marcus Stoodley who is head of neurosurgery at Macquarie University Hospital. The three neurosurgeons are no strangers to a physical challenge; Stoodley is a keen cyclist, Besser is a veteran masters ironman and triathlete, and this year Fuller has qualified for entry into the L'Etape Championship in France held on one of the Tour de France stages.
    We're thrilled to have the support of busy clinicians, raising money for BCBA! Support their efforts, make a donation:
    Professor Michael Besser
    Dr John Fuller
    Professor Marcus Stoodley

  • Thank you to the Isabella and Marcus Foundation

    January 2019

    Isabella and Marcus, who lost their young lives to brain cancer, are the namesakes of the Foundation that has been a generous supporter of BCBA and its operations. This is the third year we have received a valuable $25,000 funding grant and we are very grateful to the Directors for their continued support. The Isabella and Marcus Foundation works with researchers in Australia to develop treatments for children with brain cancer.

    Read more about the Isabella and Marcus Foundation.

  • BCBA Founder named a 2018 AMP Tomorrow Maker

    January 2019

    We are delighted to announce BCBA Founder and Director Robyn Leonard has been named a 2018 AMP Foundation Tomorrow Fund recipient. Robyn was recognised for the creation of BCBA and its pioneering role in accelerating brain cancer research.
    “It’s wonderful to have BCBA recognised and supported to continue breaking new ground,” said Robyn.
    AMP’s Tomorrow Fund supports talented and innovative Australians across a diverse range of fields with grants.

  • Season’s Greetings

    December 2018

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at BCBA.

    Thank you to all our supporters - we’ve enjoyed some fantastic successes in 2018 and look forward to sharing another productive year in 2019.

    We’d love to see you in the Hunter Valley at the Bike Ride for Brain Cancer in March - as a rider, or at our finish line winery long luncheon at Calais Estate. 

    Happy holidays!

  • Introducing the Brain Cancer Collective

    November 2018

    Building on the incredible success of our inaugural Bike Ride for Brain Cancer, we're launching the Brain Cancer Collective, the charity arm of BCBA, with the exclusive mission to raise funds to support new projects and initiatives that will accelerate brain cancer research in Australia.

    Learn how it all fits together in this short animation:

  • Big move for BCBA member biobank will enhance child brain tumour research

    October 2018

    The Telethon Kids Institute - and home to the Brain Tumour Research Biobank Program - has recently relocated to a new state of the art research facility within the Perth Children’s Hospital.  The exciting move presented no shortage of challenges, including physically transporting precious biobank specimens in specialist trucks five kilometres across town.

    We asked the Brain Tumour Research team about the process and how they are enjoying their new home.

    Read the Q & A  here

  • Samples from BCBA member biobank contribute to breakthrough international research

    September 2018

    BCBA network member biobank, Queensland Children’s Tumour Bank (QCTB), contributed to a landmark paper recently published in Nature Medicine showing that paediatric glioblastoma (pGBM) and diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) are made of different cancerous cells that work together to invade the brain. This research offers clues on how to treat these aggressive childhood brain cancers, and highlights the importance of coordinated post-mortem brain tumour donations,

    “This novel research led by our collaborator, Professor Chris Jones at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, sheds new light on how small numbers of cells within these tumours play an important role in the behaviour of the overall tumour.” said Andrew Moore, QCTB Director and BCBA Steering Group member (pictured).

    “Breakthrough research like this is only possible by researchers having access to significant numbers of patient samples. When samples are rare, researchers often need to pool samples from biobanks around the world. This has certainly been the case for inoperable and incurable brain cancers such as DIPG. The Queensland Children’s Tumour Bank has been a key collaborator of Professor Jones’ for a number of years and contributed important samples for this study.”

    Read the abstract

  • New Biospecimen Search and Application Portal – now live!

    August 2018

    We are excited to announce the launch of a dynamic one-stop shop for researchers to search and apply for clinical samples across the entire BCBA network. The new online system will simplify the search for clinical samples and allow researchers to submit one application electronically to all member biobanks.

    The interactive register captures all brain cancer biospecimens available across the national BCBA network and has the capacity for individual biobank members to regularly access the database and update their biospecimen collection information. The new system is a significant step forward in BCBA’s efforts to assist researchers to advance treatments and outcomes for brain cancer patients.

    The project was supported by the Mark Hughes Foundation and Research Data Services.

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  • 2019 BCBA Consortium Meeting – Save the Date!

    27th October 2019 - 12:30pm - 2:30pm

    The annual BCBA Consortium Meeting will once again be held in conjunction with the COGNO Annual Scientific Meeting. This year the meeting will be held at the International Convention Centre, Sydney. We look forward to seeing you there.